Converting NIL to Zero

VideoServer_3.v4p (44.7 KB)

is there a valid way to convert a NIL to a Zero? in the attached patch i used a count to convert a NIL to a valid bang signal. however for the reset timer i can’t do it with count because i have to count how many bangs comes trough.

AvoidNil is the nodes’ name

If i try to use the AVOIDNIL i can’t parse the Output in any node or valuebox. even if it says the output is a value

Not sure what you mean with “parsing” here, but an AvoidNil (Spreads) right after the first S+H works fine.
In vvvv, there a special IOBoxes for all kinds of types, make sure you use the right ones.

Your issue has solved some of my issues also.

i just realized that you can right-click on it and change the IO boxes… sorry for the stupid question

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