Convert string from max/msp to value?

Hello there,

I am sending XYZ co-ordinates from MAX into VVVV via OSC and am receiving a set of changing string values. Is there any way that these changing values can be translated into normal values to be used as XY co-ordinates? Maybe I am packing the values incorrectly in max but as far as I can see the OSCdecoder only has a string output rather than any value out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh and hello vvvvoromers! :)

OK pardon my noob stoopidity I’ve read the OSC post below and discovered the AsValue command :) sorry folks

It would have been great to explain how you done this. Principle of a forum …

If someone can tell me by the way, it will be thankfull.

ai magnet,
kachanski explained that he solved his problems using the AsValue (String) node after the OSCDecoder. so if that doesn’t help, you could try asking a more precise question.

just recently had a similar problem and AsValue didn’t like the spread i was feeding it. always a vvvvery useful node, regexpr solved the problem.