Controlling LFO period programmatically

probably it’s very silly question, caused by my short experience with vvvv,
but it seems impossible to control the period pin of LFO, using something different than a ioBox with no input pin connected.
For example, I want the set the period pin, to the output pin of a Switch,
since i want the period changes according to some condition, why can i noot connect them?

thanks again for the help,


did you choose the wrong switch ? see patch

lfoswitch.v4p (4.3 kB)

thanks for the reply, i selected the correct swiwtch, comparing your patch with mine. Something very weird happens, if i copy my block on a new patch, i can connect it, but in my subpatch i cannot, the same identical block, can it depend that the ioBox involved are receiving float values from outside?
attached it’s my patch, if you can take a look…
thanks again

PresenterInput.v4p (19.4 kB)

your patch is working here. i never heard of such a problem before. receiving float values from outside ? just a guess, did you name the IObox to make it an input of a subpatch and connect something in the main patch ? sounds like it… you can’t connect two things to one input…it’s a vvvv rule.

hi, yes the problem is something like this, i am using an output value of a subpatch as an input value of the same patch to control another output value of the same subpatch. in general i noticed i cannot use an output value to control an input value of the same node, correct?
why i am doing it… because i am doing a slideshow, and i want to change the fix ‘5 sec’ of delay between a ‘next slide’ event and another, when there is a video,setting it to the duration of a video. probably it sounds a bit weird,
but thanks for the help, i understand where is the logical problem of the first issue with the Switch node.


read creating-feedback-loops and basic-programming-concepts