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I have an enquiry about having a locally hosted web page for an iPad app, that can trigger some lighting states during playback of a number of different movies. I never deal with web stuff, so I’m not sure of the best way to this. What would the options? The web side should just be a page with a few different movies to select, I’m still in 1990’s html land, so any suggestion on what I should be looking at in the 21c? I guess ideally I get either the time code from the movie, of a bang on start (and maybe chapter points) and run a local clock. But what method would I get the communication, VL or vvvv.

I would look into Node-Red for this.
Vanilla Node-Red is another node based programming tool. By itself it has a web based editing UI.

But to actually publish web pages for users use the Node-Red-Dashboard plugin and add some buttons and things.

It looks like there is a way to play video on one of these dashboard pages as well

Where it says ‘here is an example flow’ in that forum post you can copy and paste that xml code to a file and import it as a working flow into node-red.

In the backend you can setup that your play buttons play your movie and also send a trigger via OSC or MQTT to vvvv. There might also be timecode options.

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Cables might also be an option. They have a thing called Sidebar that you maybe could use to build the selection gui. And here is a simple MQTT example.


You can do this with pure vvvv http server, you need to make a html page and serve it with vvvv server, then you have to define a post route in vvvv, on page you have to add buttons and on click you have to hit your post route, so when something asking for that route you can see that in vvvv…. Not sure if beta would suit this, but gamma do have proper http server with routing…

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Cool thanks I’ll check those out :)

I would also recommend having a look at Rabbit. It’s like OSC on steroids and you can use it from web pages for comms to and from vvvv. There is a VL nuget already too.

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i would also recommend testing cables, you can patch some gui vvvv-style and have websocket com. if you need support, message me. i do a lot of cables stuff nowadays.

you can even build an ios app from the cables project, if that is a thing. or run it with a local webserver.

downside is, cables is webgl…it drains battery. but you can limit yourself to html elements and have no mainloop. hence pretty much a website.

if you dont want to do it yourself, we are happy to support :)

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