Controlling DSLR

is there some way how to trigger a camera from VVVV?

The camera I am trying to connect is Canon EOS 20D.
I have tried controlling DSLR Remote Pro via command-line interface, which should work, but for some reason Remote Pro ain’t gona work for me… Plus it is not exactly freeware…

On the other hand the Canon software works OK, but it doesn’t have a command-line interface neither keybord shortcuts.
So, is there some other way?

Thanks in forward for any suggestions :)

i’ve seen really simple diy remote triggers (like this one, for the 300d: ). the 20d is a bit harder, it seems, since it uses an N3 connector instead of a miniplug, but if you can find one, you could easily hack together your own trigger that you could then control with vvvv (i’m thinking of something like an arduino in between…).

of course a software solution is much simpler, but i don’t know how to get that to work as i don’t have experience with dslr’s… :/ maybe you could reverse-engineer the usb communication with some monitoring tool like usbspy (i haven’t actually tried this software)?

good luck!