Controlling different videos via boygrouping


i am totally new to vvvv and want to use it as part of a project of mine. the main thing i have to do with vvvv is project different video files to a 10 beamer system (each beamer has its own client pc). boygrouping works nice so far, but only sends the same video to all the computers and i really need to say which video to be played on which client at what time. is there a possiblity to do this with boygrouping or some other module?
the logic to chose the video files will be programmed in a postgresql db and c. so i will send the “decissions” there through a protocol to a vvvv server (the server then should split the different videos to the different clients). any experience which protocol works best?
if there is a similar project out there, plz let me know. i’d really love to peek into some vvvv code to see how it works.


i´d just take a udp, tcp or osc node and boygroup that. all message decoding stuff should then happen on the clients as well. no need to do this on the server.
by boygrouping the receiver you will instantly be able to send data to each of the clients.

also note that Boygroup (Client) outputs a ID which is different for each client. this might come handy if you want to do things differently on each client (like e.g. setting a camera)

thx! works fine just with a few boxes boygrouped to the clients. i almost can’t belive that this is “programmed” so fast ;)

to your second point. 2 of the beamers slightly overlap, so i’ll have to cut the videos on these two clients. how can i use kind of an if clause for a client id?

Switch and GetSlice usually replace if-clauses in vvvv.
or use Map to create the coordinates od your cameras directly from the clientID value