Control sounds with a webcam


I’m trying to use vvvv for a personal project, but I think that I need some help…

The thing is, I have a couple of sound-files and I would like to “control” them (I mean, to change the pitch, the volume…) through the movements made in front of a webcam, for example.

So, can you give me some advice? I know it’s possible because -somehow- I managed to do it, but I didn’t save it and now I can’t repeat the whole thing correctly!

Thanks a lot for the help.


You could try the Trautner node for triggering, combined with Color Detection or DetectObject, linked via midi to a sampler or a specific sound software. Otherwise you can link the generated data to a waveplayer node and AudioOut for panning, etc.
Freeframe plugins contains good tutorials for how to use it.