Control flash


anyone can tell me how to control frame in flash, for example if i put value 1 (value advance) in vvvv then “gotoAndStop(15)” so it can play frame 15 in flash.


This is an really quick and dirty solution. I can imaging you want something a little more robust. You could let Flash tell you how many frames there are in the swf and adjust your slider to that.

If you had something else in your mind i’m glad to help you out.

flashframesetter.rar (8.6 kB)


But what i want is to control play frame in the flash through vvvv. for example i have 2 keyframes (15 and 20), and if i set value 1 (value advance in vvvv) it will play keyframe 15 in flash, and if i put value 2 (value advance in vvvv) it will play keyframe 20 in flash. How to do that?


You could write a case function in flash where you check every frame (use listener, setinterval, or onenterframe) which value is coming from vvvv.

in flash it roughly look like this:
// vvvvInput is the variable with the value from vvvv

this.onEnterFrame = function() {
switch (vvvvInput) {
case 0:
case 1:
case 2:
and so on…


I have tried your code, yes it can check every frame, but how to use the input from the user in vvvv, for example by using input number (value advance), when user inputs number 1, in flash gotoAndPlay(15), and if user input 2 gotoAndPlay(20). I am still cannot solve this.