Control (Android/OSC) UI builder

I ve started writing a set of patches to create your own Control’ s UI from vvvv, for the moment I ve added just one module but you can change the widget type, this will change as I ll add the rest of Json properties since some are unique for each widget.

Control GUI (7.6 kB)

oi io,

thought it’s easier to do it this way. it’s just sending the widgets via osc. so it’s lacking some of the possibilities one has by writing a file. what do you think about combining both approaches?

will do the rest of the widgets with some helpers soon…

ControlOSCToolkit (21.9 kB)

yes it is a more clean solution but as you say a bit more limites, I am attaching the latest version, which is a work half baked but there are a few ideas I like like adding label to widgets directly.

Were you able to send interfaces to Android with OSC push? Cause It doesn t work for me.


Control GUI (36.4 kB)

yay! The OSC push works so I had some bad settings on my patch, now we only miss a way to force save the interface cause if you push the interface it is not saved by default as when you retrieve it from URL.