Contributions "last change" is inconsistent

On the main contributions page, under “last change”, the time of the last comment is listed, but the author listed is that of the contribution, not of the comment. Should there be two categories listed with time/author, comment and file? That would make it easier to know when an update has been posted vs. a comment - as it is, it always looks like the contribution’s author has just posted something.

would be cool to have patches in contribs and remove old coments so

@mediadog: I’ve changed it, that under “last change” the last commenter is listed. At least it is consisten now. Is that better?

@antokhio: could you explain a bit clearer what your idea is? Or even better which goal you’d like to achieve with it? I’m not sure I understand fully.

Ahhhhh… thanks.

As a feature request, it would be neat-o if there was a way to monitor contributions for updates. Maybe some way to “follow” them and get some kind of notification if the description changed. In an ideal vvvvorld… %) Or maybe just a “Last Update” column that could be a sort source.

hi @dave:
when you comment contrib you can upload only pictures, witch bit annoying when you need to upload patch or archive.
second one, there is some evolved contribs witch have just too much comments from old versions, would be cool to hide thouse old comments somehow.

Yeah, I’ve got a helper plugin I made for Cluster that adds Z sorting, and I would like to put it under that contribution and not a new one - but it’s not a replacement, just an addition, so I don’t want to replace the current version in the description.

@mediadog: in that case i’d add both plugins to a .zip and post that as a new revision of that contribution.

That’s what I’ll do, I was just using that as a specific case of where various people may have supporting/bug/helper files that may or may not make sense to be rolled into the new “version”. Such files can be attached to posts in the forum, why not contributions? Thanks joreg!