Contribution of Knowledge

my Xmas wish to the ccccommunity:

some contributions to
User Tutorials
would be very fine.

lots of knowledge is posted (as answers) into the vvvvorums.

IMHO the better way is like our highness @joreg showed us few days ago:
instead of answering questions in the vvvorums he completed related wikipages ( Commandline Parameters - Boygrouping ) and linked them in the vvvvorums.

btw.: i added some “placeholder”-pages to Documentation which i partially cannot fill myself.
vvvvolunteers needed :)

That,s a great idea kalle , and adding like faq of diferent clear topics that appear in the forum will be nice too like a vvvvikipedia ;D


think of this if you notice
vvvvikisites and quickly add a link to here:

even better if you start reworking them…


Download GetNodeWikiName (VVVV).v4p

Select any nodes and press a chosen key combination.
copy & paste the results in your wiki posts to make them clickable links to the online node reference!