Contrast - video texture2

Hi VVVVictors,
I desperately need to change the brightness/contrast of the Video Texture node.
I just realised that the problem is known alreay but unfortunately I have no
clue how to program a freeframe.dll.

Has anyone a .dll that could to the job?
Thanks Thomas

have you looked through all of those available:

depending on the type of your graphicscard it would be even easier to change the contrast of a texture via a pixelshader. if your graphicscard supports shaders it would be just a 2liner. which card do you have?

Hi Joreg,
I have a ATI Radeon 9600.
Where would I find that two liner?

seems you are lucky. your card should understand pixelshaders.

attached you find an effect that should allow you to change contrast on a texture. (cannot test it right now on my laptop!)

if you’ve never worked with effects;

  • put Contrast.fx in your /effects directory
  • press Alt+E (or start vvvv)
  • create the node: Contrast (EX9.Effect)
  • create the node: XFile (EX9 Load)
  • load the quad.x (from girlpower/xfiles)
  • connect xfile to Contrast
  • connect your videotexture to Contrast
  • use the ContrastPin to change contrast

hope it works.

should be time for a color transform tutorial…

Hi Joreg,
It doesn’t seem to work. If I do it like you described, nothing shows up on my machine…
If you get a chance can you test it?
Thanks T.


that could not work. try attached. put both .v4p and …fx in the same directory!

colortransform.rar (2.2 kB)

If you are trying to control the brightness/contrast of a video capture card, another solution would be to adjust the brightness/contrast in the driver properies.