Contour problem

Hi all,

I’m making a shadow detector using contour (with a screen). Well, my problem starts when anything in the screen is lit, the contour node detects it as a new contour…well…how i can do to detect the biggest contour?

Sorry for my bad english, and yes i’m a newbie :P

Thx all

everyone is born as a newbie.
and of course you can use your native language here also.

but you need to describe your problem a bit more precise.

Okay, I think I know what you are dealing with:
-Contour plugin has got a Cleanse-Pin. If you enable it, it will erase every pixel that is alone and has no neighbourpixel. So, its good to kill unwanted noises, such as low light noise of cmaeras.
-For next knob to trigger I attached you a patch

contour_threshold.v4p (19.7 kB)

hi all!

i am looking for a way to use this trashhold on the contoursX and contoursY.

if i have a bin size of 5, how to build a new spread out of the information of bin 1 and 3 for example?