Contour-Problem Tracking Blobs

Hi vvvvers,

There’s something about Contour, and Contour ID, I don’t understand. I am trying to retrieve the coordinates ov the center of the tracked blobs. Let’s say I have two quads, which I want to match to the blobs coordinates. It works fine if there are two blobs. If there’s only one, both quads are matched to the only blob left, instead ob one leaving. Actually it would be nice, to have the same quad matches to same blob all the time. I guess this has git something to do with Contour ID, but I couldn’t figure how to use it… the whole day. So I need help again:-)



contour_problem.v4p (18.3 kB)

Now If found a way to identify the countours. There still remains a little problem. I’m sure somebody knows an easy way.

The problem is, when I disable one of the objects in the patch, and enable them agein (to simulate somebody leaving the tracking surface) they are getting a new ID, even though I’ve restricted to a max of contours of 2, and set Unique ID to 0.

I’m lost.

contour_problem2.v4p (27.1 kB)