Contour node bug

Hey folks,
I just eperienced a bug with contour. It apears randomly while patching anything (not touching the node). The node just stops working but is not fully broken. it still works in inverted mode. I tried everything but when this happens the savefile won’t work with contour anymore no matter if it was saved before the patch or if i restart or bring up a new contour node. Sometimes also older savefile of the patch do not work and i need to get back to an earlier version and redo all the changes. I’m on 45beta27.1.


hei tekcor, we’ll need an example that we can reproduce in order to have a look at this.

ah you’re rigth. okey this takes a while. i need to isolate it somehow. but no one had the same isue?

check you have RGB input in it

thanks. I found the problem. Simply an open renderer window before the node caused it.