Contour help patch

hi. recently downloaded the contour help patch and i am not receiving the same results as the screenshot here
i attached an image of my screen. i check the ouputs of the contour and they are all empty spreads… which im assuming is the issue.

Contour help#0.jpg (325.4 kB)

i believe the problem is associated w/ the dx9texture. the ouput area of the inspector doesnt have a >. im not sure if there is any ouput. im not sure why im having these issues. i would assume this help patch would work w/o any modification.

update. i noticed that the others done have that unless theres an io box involved. so thats not the problem.

DX9Texture Inspector.jpg (50.3 kB)

what graphics card do u use ? dx9 compatible ?

well i installed the newest version of vvvv and now it works… odd?

the contour helppatch you downloaded may not have been consistent with the vvvversion you were using. this could have happend since the contours node was release asynchronous to the beta10 release. glad to hear it works now.