Contour cpu power

hi all…

trying to make a tracking in v4 with the contour node…works pretty fine but: it eats a lot of cpu power (around 50% at 640/480 with 25fps) and at has a “big” delay (80 msec if a swich sync to none)…

is this normal or is there something i can do??

big thx


turn the clean pin off , if possible. lots of contours/noise is bad too. clean the image as best as you can with blur and/or background subtraction.

on the VideoIn node try setting the Reference Clock to “None” and see if that does anything for latency…

@u7angel: thx will try that :-)

@joreg: thx…thats what i ment with sync :-) it is faster but the cpu goes up to 90%

big thx and greetz…will keep you informed :-)


Check if you can downscale resolution to a third or half by scale (dshow) - Depending onto your needs. May be rescaling it afterwards looks okay anyhow.

I was trying to get rid of some tracking latency on a project a while ago. I kept thinking it was latency created in the freeframe plugins but it wasn’t. It was the latency in the camera. Are you sure it is not from the camera?

hi frank…thx but i realy need the resulution :-(

hi nitro…im not tracking with a camera, i am getting coordinates out of an external tracking system. problem: they dont have ids and so i draw new objects in v4 and track them with the contour node…on this way i am getting unique ids for every point.

so mayby there is an idear how to solve this on a different way??

thx and greez


yeah it seems a funny way round to draw objects from some data and then copy as a texture and then convert to video just to plumb into contour. hmmm…

what is the external tracking system?

What is the nature of what you are tracking?

Do the tracked objects ever converge?

hi nitro

take a look on:


to get more info…write a mail or pm :-)