Contour bug

Hey all

I’ve noticed that for the Countour freeframe node to work its video output must be connected (through videotexture and a quad) to a renderer that is either A) visible or B) connected through dx9texture to something else that is visible.

I had problems working in dual screen mode where the old bug of a video stream not appearing on two separate monitors bit me: When I loaded the patch the contour wouldn’t work because its renderer was visible on monitor A whilst my final results renderer was fullscreen on monitor B, because they were trying to share data based on the same videostream, the first renderer would be blank and so Contour wouldn’t work. In the end I solved it by positioning the other renderer ‘behind’ the fullscreen one on monitor B, hence the videostream was on the same device.

I had this same behaviour on both XP and Vista in Beta21.

Cheers - Derformer

Actually this are known issues and here is a workaround:
-Freeframe needs a video going through - so in- and output video is a must. If you dont care about output then plug to videotexture quad and set alpha to zero or put quad layer in background. May be disabling quad (by enable pin) is working too.
-The second about two monitors is, that in graficcard memory is managed for each monitor separately. So, streaming video (by videotexture) into screen1-graficcard-memory-area1 won’t it be accessible by screen2 as this is fixed to graficcard-memory-area2, where there isnt video. The fix is to set your monitor settings to “span mode”, where both screens are treated as a huge one. Graficcard has got only one screen-graficcard-memory-area, where there is video and visible at both screens. (For me this issue is really weird computer stuff ;)

another solution offered on here by someone (havent got time to find who) for video working on 2 displays… i’ve never test this, but makes sense to me, write a flash app (.swf) to display your video and then use the Renderer(Flash) to a GDITexture(EX9,Texture). You can then use this on mutli displays.

hi ,
yep weird computer stuff!!! weird workaround:)

so i wonder what happen with a dual graphic card setup
span mode is not possible over 2 different cards ?
…let say you want a 3 screen setup + 1 monitor for patching…the only way is to plug a triplehead on the 1st graphic card output and the patching monitor on the second card?

Okay, tested another solution - which is probably done for this is sharedmemory. Check its help files. It shares memory across screens.