Contour and switching ids

again me

I have an late night question about Contour, after i lose track point and reappear it gets different slice position. Is there a way to lock slice and id position?
I mean if the track point disappear the slice get nil and wait for new track point which will be the missing id.

Also the other problem is that higher point on Y axis get always lower number of slice even is new or older. So the first one is always the top one then 2,3…
I wish i can change it somehow cose like this is to messy.


you can check for a certain ID using = (Value) and use Select (Value) to filter related x,y values.

or use Sort (Spreads) to sort the IDs and use Former Slice on a GetSlice (Spreads) to sort x,y related to the IDs

Thanks kalle
formed index working to prevent changing ids by top to bottom, but my problem is still that blobs are switching ids even they are all in plane and far from each other. as you can see on the img i moved blob 2 bit down and suddenly all the blobs switch the ids.

Did you enable the pin Unique ID??

or what about sorting by y?