Contour alternative

is there a pixel shader with the same functionality of the contour method and has the same outputs? This is to be used for blob detection, and it needs to send the x, y, area and id to osc. Please help me find a better, more processor conservative method. thanks.

any ideas?

helo builder.

i don’t know of any such pixelshader and i doubt you will find one. theoretically it should be possible to do blobdetection with shader model 3, but then again i doubt that would be faster than on the cpu.

have you tried with the latest version of the contour node? not the one that ships with beta12, but the one you can download from here: FreeFrameContour. for me the new version was in cases 3 times faster than the old one.

That worked some, but does anyone know of any other methods besides contour?