Contest buttons operation

Hello people,

i´m working on a game with 2 players each with a button, and i want to know how to switch off the button of the second player when the first player´s button is switched on, and viceversa.

Is there any module or easy way to do that? my knowledge on math logic problems is limited.

Thanks a lot.


I´ve realized that instead of turning off the button of the second participant, I want to swith off the input to avoid any new data.



I´ve got it,

see the attached patch.

ContestButtons (Animation).v4p (9.2 kB)

thats a typical state logic problem, going from ‘start’ to ‘user1pressed’ or ‘user2pressed’ which would result in a graph with the 3 states and button1 is the transition from ‘start’ to ‘user1pressed’ and button2 the transition from ‘start’ to ‘user2pressed’ and so on…

so if it gets more complex, automata or the timeliner automata track are your friends: logic

Thanks a lot Tebjan,
i have to learn more about the logic problems,