is there a node that i can use to check if a spread contains certain values (with bin size)?

thanks alot

I think the easiest way is to use Select (Value) node.

the select-node itself cannot be used to check if a value is already inside a spread…

again: i want to filter all values of a spread that are not already inside another spread.

sift is the answer :)

but is there a solution to use sift with bin sizes?


I use this node you are looking for a lot and I gave it the name ReferenceIndex and it is basicaly a combination of occurrence, sift and select

here you go.

ReferenceIndex.rar (3.4 kB)

yeah thats exactly what i need. but your solution is not bin sizeable at the moment :)

ja true you could try if it works by using the bn size of occurrence and the advanced select nodes… sift has no bin size version too… propably it doesnt need it. But all together I think it will just create a index mess with bin size. better split your bin sized spread and use the module for each bin seperately