Constant vsm?

anybody has a sollution for projecting vsm shadows on constantly lit meshes ?

yea i did softshadows with output on alpha, but i think it’s better to blend it after. anyway i lost that shader, but would be cool to tweak elliots shadows on that

vsm is about ‘hard’ shadows, see mre.
probably trivial for someone with hlsl skills to convert phong_vsm to constant_vsm

simple: rise the ambient of phong (mre) then set diffuse and spacular amount to 0 this way you get constant

Simple is good. \o/

sorry, cannot confirm, what am i missing ?

mre (828.4 kB)

sorry my bad i thought you’re using the all-in-one Phong_MRT_VSM.fx and there is a “diffuse amount” pin and it turned out that inside Blinn_Specular_VSM.fxh the ambient color is not added afterwards the diffuse amount multiplication so unless you don’t mod the phong effect and don’t create a separate color which you should plainly add to the final output, constant is not possible with the original phong effects. however there is already a constant inside mre pack but that’s rather for lights and emissive objects which won’t receive shadows or SSAO