Console does not take colors into account when running in the editor


it looks like most of the Console nodes (SetBackgroundColor, etc) have no effect on the Console window when running in the editor. Though when exported, it seems to work.

use case: I was giving a spin to the SpectreConsole nuget that allows to create fancy-looking console apps, and got no result at all when running in the editor. Got it working fine with an exported app though.

is there any chance we could have those things working in the editor as well?


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not at the moment, as we redirect the console output to a normal window with a rich text box. that integrates better into the windowing. the “real” console would be a low-level system window, and if you close it accidentally, it would close the whole process immediately and vvvv with it.

but if you find a way to handle the “real” console more gracefully, let us know. we didn’t invest much time to research it.

ok thanks, was not aware of all those details. i’d be happy to look into it when I have more time!

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