Consistent code or why ID's are changing

hi devvvs,

i know you are bussy, but in the last days i was think about vvvv and version control. i lovvvve vvvv and i lovvve version control. but i hate if both come together.
on big problem is that vvvv is changing its node id’s on every startup.
is there for any good explanation i don’t understand?
this behavior makes it nearly impossible two compare two patches and check if they are the same. i stop think about this by merging patches together.

for me there are two ways of hand out id’s.

  1. given every node an guid. so an node where unique around the world.
  2. saving the id’s in the xml an reload it by init the patch

what’s your opinion about that?

hi phlegma,

somehow we always copied the patch and pasted it into a new empty patch in the process of loading. this way we were sure that pasting and loading are not 2 special things to debug. if one thing works, the other one works aswell. also we were sure that ids will always stay small.

however since 32bit integers go up to 2147483647 (which is quite something for a single patch), i just changed that behaviour so that we all can benefit from version control. each node creation will count up the id for that patch. no pasting on load anymore.

so, from now on ids should stay constant. fixed for beta>23.

Great news, thanx a lot.

OF, but may be worth mentioning:
I found that your ability on how many nodes can be used in the GUI/Patch, depends on how many GDI-Objects can be drawn by Windows (XP) and your Graphiccard. Its around 4 GDI-Objects for a node (some may be more).
After 10000 GDI-Objects (a quite large plain Patch) I got a “cant draw on canvas” error.