Cons (Transform) loses Billboard Pixel space attribute


there is a bug with Cons (Transform) if you attach a Billboard (Transform) to it with Pixel space set. It then loses the (kind of magic) attribute which lets objects be transformed pixel-wise.

The big quad to the right should actually appear just as the red pixel quad in the middle (it has the same Transform plugged into it). See attached patch if you want to play with that.

As a related note:
I still find it a little weird that some magic seems to be transmitted along with transform matrices that is neither visible nor editable…

BillboardPixelConsBug.v4p (8.0 kB)

I can confirm that. Actually I just run into that yesterday and I wanted to post this too. This also goes for WithinProjection (Transform) and WithinNormalizedProjection (Transform) nodes.
For now you can just multiply the transformations after the cons, like in the image attached.

Also the GUI Nodes, when feeding them with these Transformations, they ignore them completely. :( But here its the same solution, just multiply the transformations afterwards.

Edit: If you want to edit the transformations, check GetMatrix (Transform) and SetMatrix (Transform)

That’s all nice and well, but those don’t show wether I’m transforming pixelwise or not. That’s what I was referring to.

Oh but thanks for the Multiply (Transform) hint, that works for the moment. :)

I just came across this…

don’t think billboard is a transform by any mean… it’s some sort of a render flag

That maybe so, but if both cons transforms have the flag, it would be good if it was preverved!

stupid thing is, cons is a plugin and plugins have no access to the flag… blame us. and/or put another billboard after the Cons…