Cons (ex9 texture) Bug or not?

hi guys,

I have a spread of textures outgoing from a getslice node. When I connect it directly to a quad my patch work as I planed but when the spread of textures is connected to a cons node and after to the quad something going wrong. Is it a bug?

the files attached must be put in vvvv folder if you want to see more details.

Cons bug.rar (660.3 kB)

i fixed that for next release.

good news, thanks.

without buffer in my fxplayer patch, cons doesn’t bug. It’s my solution for the moment but it should be less efficient normaly.

actually i didn’t quite understand your use of buffer there. is it for kind of preloading the textures?

you could achieve that simpler. see: FAQ Rendering for how to preload textures.

ah ok…

I have to read more the FAQs…

So finaly it’s a doube good news:
-bug fixed
-no need to use buffer

thank you…