this is probably an old question and has probably been asked before… why do we have to decide if a connection goes upstream or downstream when starting the connection. wouldnt it be smarter to make the decision automatically when clicking on the target pin hence, making interaction a little faster ?

we had that once, but there are several cases when it can’t be inferred.

If you were to connect this to e.g. an IOBox, how would VL guess whether you want to display a value or input something yourself?

like in vvvv, the iobox is bigger and has inlets and outlets, easier to identify and hit

@tonfilm, mmm, ok ? schade. that’s one of the quirky things in the UI

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yes, we are thinking about a different representation.

what do you mean with quirky? that it’s hard to hit the right spot?

@tonfilm maybe its just me but i make constant mistakes there, getting the wrong direction and i guess making a decision in such a small space is prone for mistakes


yes, agreed. thanks for the feedback. we’ll look into it.

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