Connection with UK based companies

Hi everyone,

I am a lecturer at a University of Hertfordshire in the UK and I am looking to make connections with UK based companies involved in the creative industries. My aims for the collaborations is to expose the students with real industry work by a) Collaborating on projects b) sent the students on internships c) bringing in some experts to give them talks d) take the students on site visits.

In our course (amongs others) we teach: physical computing, interaction design, mobile apps and web design. Core skills include: video/image manipulation, visual communication and visual design theory.

VVVV will hopefully be integrated in the curriculum from next year. (the first change i requested as soon as I took over the program)

I think the initiation of collaborations is a win-win situation for both parties involved so please do contact me here if you are interested.



Hi Doros,
I’m Shropshire based, so a little out of the way of Herts, but I’m interested.

Awesome, thanks catweasel.
Will sent you an email soon for further discussion.

Anyone else interested please feel free to email me at d.polydorou AT