Connection vvvvv and unity 3d

I want to know how i can include the textures that i made in 3d max.
if there is no way to make the object is wearing textures,
i just want to know we can make a connection vvvv and unity 3d and being textured. we already used DAE.
but we failed.

i am wandering if we can not bring the object that is wearing textures and if your abswer is no, i want to know object get textured only in vvvv.
or if there is another way we can do.

i’m not 100% sure if i got your question right, but you can just connect the texture input on a shader to a filetexture node to load a diffuse texture. make sure to export your uvs properly. (almost all shaders use the first uv set for diffuse texture. so you’d want your diffuse uv set in 3ds max set to channel 1)