Connecting Webcam to VVVV


I’m creating a file to connect vvvv to my webcam, but I’m struggling to change the output from a rectangle to a circle. The furthest I’ve gotten is to place a white circle over the webcam image. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Have a look at the helppatch “how to create a mask from an image” and connect your webcam image to the first input of the mask

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Thanks @schlonzo ,

That helps a lot, however when I try to connect the wires, it only lets me put the video input as the mask, and the image as the base layer. Whereas I would like the video to be the the layer one, and the image to be the mask, am I making an obvious mistake here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a screenshot here.

use “drawimage” to draw textures in your skia scene. (layer)

Thank you! That worked :)

@shlonzo Thanks,

I’m now trying to connect the rotation to an animation, and put a circle on it as I would prefer it to be this shape. However, it changes the video to an image in order to rotate, and then the circle mask I applied works, but not with the rotation function. Could anyone advise please?


I managed to solve it. I’ve attached a screengrab in case anyone runs into this problem in the future.

Hi All,

My work didn’t save properly when I quit, so I rebuilt the drawing, however now my mask won’t connect to the transform, and the transform does not connect to the renderer. Has this happened anyone else before?


It’s the wrong transform node. first type “skia” into the nodebrowser, then “transform”. when you hover over the input and output pins you see what datatype can be connected.

you need the transform node which takes and outputs a skia layer. I suggest you work through some basic tutorials and get familiar with datatypes in gamma.

All node 2020 workshop videos are now available publicly. This is a great starting point for your journey

Introduction to vvvv For Designers with Joreg
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Thank you, I could only find the info on Youtube, this is very helpful

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