Connecting VVVV to Arduino 8x8 Standard LED Matrix (with or without Shift Register)

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Has anyone connected the Arduino 8x8 standard led matrix to VVVV before? Trying to understand the logic for the pin numbers. I want to take it further and create a bigger scale installation, but need to find out first how is it possible to number pins from VVVV when we use shift register to create more outputs from Arduino? If we don’t use shift register, what would be another solution for example to take out 100 outputs from Uno that only has 0-13 digital pins (or more from Mega).

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Hi @Cy-Bers,

you are using FirmataBoard (Devices) and checked its helppatches, right?

Then, just connect the 8x8 Matrix as shown here and trigger the pins.
(Analog and digital ones).

For the more leds you need the shift register, right. The tutorial is here.
Again, you connect it and then trigger the right pins.

But for the production, you actually need addressable LEDs (see the DotStar or NeoPixel from Adafruit).
The idea here is a bit more complicated. You have a code on arduino, which pushes the data to the leds. From the vvvv side you push that data. For example frame by frame. The data can be encoded as OPC (Open Pixel Control protocol). So, vvvv pushes the data for every LED for each frame. Arduino receives the packet, and pushes the data to LEDs. It’s an overview, but gives you an Idea how to start digging.

Hope this helps a bit.


Thank you so much @robotanton . Will dig all. I started with LED and trying to understand the procedure, but the following step will be to connect servos/steppers with the same mentality. Let me go through, may shout if I’m stuck :) Thank you again.


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