Connecting Emotiv Epoc to VVVV


Hi there, I’m quite new to VVVV, I’ve just started using it in University and think it’s a really brilliant visual language. I’ve downloaded some patches from contributions with brainwaves and art on the website. It provides a run through the patch but what I don’t understand is how I connect vvvv and mind your osc together? I think it is something to do with typing in the ip address but I’ve no experience of doing this. Has anyone worked with this device and vvvv that could help?
It would be very much appreciated!!! :)


since it seems you’re talking about that would best be directed at @lanvideosource


Hey there! actually I don’t remember well the patch and unfortunately I can’t open it from here… However, I remember that the IP of the local device should be already set in the sub-patch where the OSC receiver is.
If I remember correctly you don’t need to re-enter the IP (and the port). Just connect the Bluetooth receiver, turn on the headset, check that it’s transmitting by using the control panel, IMPORTANT: launch MindYourOsc and activate the connection, open the VVVV patch and press the start button. It should be really straightforward! :)

And remember that MindYourOsc was made for working with the Emotiv Epoc headset, not the more recent Emotiv device…


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