Connecting Arduino NG to an Arduino BT

Hello all,

i’m programming an installation where i have an Arduino NG, connected with vvvv by USB, reading 6 IR sensor inside Firmata patch and vvvv doing some processing on this data. now i need to send these 6 segnal to Arduino Bluetooth, that’s on a rotating lamp and must control some led connected to his Digital out.

Now my problem is what’s patch to use for arduino bluetooth? i’m using firmata for reading arduino NG and i need another firmata to send this data to the Arduino BT or what else??

I need to send these 6 data to the 12 digital out of the arduino bluetooth, this is my problem . So i’m using Arduino BT as a receiver of these data and it has to control 12 led separately.


Hi e1n

sorry my late reply i have been away for a month , you could add a patch i made for ussing arduino BT with simplemessage system (in my userpage) , its not great , but for writing digital to BT will work , just drag it to your patch and input your desire control , also you can use zbee and a normal arduino to send via radio wireless ,

regards ;D