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Hey guys

when I have a node that I connect to the signature (very nice btw), the pins look like this:

Rightclicking on the pin does this

What does that mean? It doesn’t seem to change anything.

this has nothing to with pins connected to signature. it simply means the pin has a value other than its default. so this must be a bool pin which on a rightlclick toggles its value.

AHH nice! Ok that’s useful (when you know it).

When the pin is connected to the signature, what does that actually mean?

this feature is predominantely (but not exclusively) ought to be used with Forwarding .NET libraries. specifically Manually managing the Signature

@joreg yes that’s a really cool feature but the question is what does it mean to manually write a value in the pin by rightclicking it when it is connected to the signature (like in my example)? Will this change the default value of the pin outside?

Hey Dominik!
the combination of the two features doesn’t really make sense.
Semantically a pin with a value inside is equal to the pin being connected to an IObox with that value, iff the pin is not already connected to something else.
Semantically a node that connects to the signature is connected to the input and output pins.
So I would argue that the second rule wins. The pin is connected to something else and the value in the pin is not of interest. At least as long the connection persists.
Another more general question is how to deal with source code that comes with superfluous information. Should we delete this information? For now, we don’t, as you might want to disconnect the pin later on.
Probably it should behave exactly like when the pin is connected via a “real” link, where the visual hint disappears.
Thank you!

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