Connect to Signature Bug

beta 39:


Activating Connect to Signature on this node automatically forces the node (and the automatic inputs) to a unrelated method, even though the tiny strokes show the “correct” color.

edit: discourse gif upload seems broken too. here is the gif again

Is there already an input in the surrounding patch with the same name as one of the pins?

yes, very likely.
however, I deactivated the process node, so manual Inputs with that name work with no problem, so I consider this a bug with the automatic inputs.

I think you can have additional manual inputs, but they must be in the same operation. vl just doesn’t allow several inputs with the same name in different operations.

Maybe this can be allowed at some point, but then they must be somehow labeled on the process node, so that one can distinguish them from each other.
I’m not sure if that would be better in terms of understandability

sorry if this is not as clear as I intended


if you uncheck the process node as a prerequisite, it is actually ok to use a common nomenclature for input pins even in different member operations. this is what I did.

the bug occurs only then, if those manual inputs are generated with a positive “Connect to Signature” configuration

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