Connect to a mqtt-broker using ssl


I am trying to connect to via vvvv.
I do need to use the encrypted port, because I want to receive messages from a button on https-website. The buttons are tested and working.
The website needs to be encrypted because of other features that need to be able to use camera/microphone.

When using the non-encrypted port, the client-node connects immediately without any problems.
When switching to the ssl-port, the client can´t connect.

Any way to get this working using the existing mqtt-plugin?

Best, Chris

Just to push the question: anyone, who can help me out here?
I have to build a prototype until some day next week and was wondering if I really need to switch to node red or such to get this up and running…

i’m afraid it seems you’re the first one in the vvvvorld to need a secure mqtt connection. i don’t think we have anything ready available.

Well I feel honored being the first in some stuff while writing in THIS forum.
Didn´t happen in 15 years :-D

Nevertheless I won´t miss to tell you why I do need secure mqtt.
Simple thing to be honest: I do need to embed an online meeting iframe on the same website I do place the respective buttons sending mqtt-messages. This does only work on ssl-encrypted websites (due to chrome blocking camera/mic if it´s an unsecure site). So I ended up having to encrypt websocket-mqtt and this doesn´t work in vvvv as the handshake doesn´t work.

That´s it. I´m sure there´s other solutions to get around this problem, but for now I´ll switch to node red for signal routing, which is quite a bit of a fun tool btw. And I can put it on a raspi in the end…

You learn a bit of code you can sort it ) otherwise sorry I’m busy atm…if you still looking for it can spend some time on it tommo