Confirmation box offscreen

Seen a couple of times, but here is one that just happened, I went into core lib basics for a look around, didnt change anything but when I try and close the patch it asks if I want to save or not (I guess) but I can’t see it as the list of patches that need saving goes off screen. So I guess there are 2 things, why do documents that werent open want saving, and there needs to be a scroll so that the ok fits onscreen, and maybe you would want to be able to check the patches that want saving or not?

off screen ok

hello, which version are you using? this got fixed in the latest release:

  • Shutdown dialog not asking to save foreign documents from downloaded NuGet packages anylonger

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This wasn’t shutdown, just closing that patch. It’s not todays version its 2021.3.1 pre 0072 if that makes a difference? I’ll have to update and wait for it to happen again…

interesting, maybe this is another case or the fix didn’t work then.

it should be included in the official release since 2021.3.0-37. do you include the packages as source packages via the --package-repositories command line arg by any chance?


you seem to close CoreLibBasics.vl which would unload it. that is indeed another case and it warns you that basically every open document depends on it :)

thanks for the report.

No command line, just been opening help patches, then digging into some core stuff to see what’s happening. I’ve seen this happened before when opening a lot of help patches though, something gets marked as changed, or maybe the libraries aren’t released when the help patch is closed?

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