Conditional spread splitting?


Picture this spread conditional splitting:

Original Spread:

a) 1,2,2,5,3,7,2,6

split condition: x>4

Resultant Spreads:

b) 1,2,2,3,2
c) 5,7,6

I know how to do this using a programming like loop, but the way I’m thinking it will take a frame per index count.

I would like to know if there is a fastest way, like when you add two spreads but applying a condition in the middle.


you could take 2 Resample (Spreads) ;
one with SpreadCount=5 and ‘BorderLeft’
one with SpreadCount=3 and ‘BorderRight’

Hi Kalle, thanks for your answer.

Using Resample the way you just said, seems to be splitting the spread by index value and not by the content itself.

When I said x>4 I’m referring to the value, not the index, may be I should used “y” right?

I’m getting this now:

Original Spread:

a) 1,2,2,5,3,7,2,6

Resultant Spreads:

b) 1,2,2,5,3
c) 7,2,6

As you can see, in the first spread there is a number that is greater than 4, and in the second spread there is a number that is not greater than 4.

May be I’m doing something wrong.


aaaaaaaaaah i got it.

Select (Value) is your friend.

gustavo.v4p (5.2 kB)

wow, that Select(Value) thing is awesome, you did answered not just my last but my next question too!

keep just like that ;)

yes, you are totally right.

frequently used nodes)-is-one-of-the-most-((FUN), and a really versatile one.