Computer graphics too small? Latest gamma issue

Hello guys, I am trying to run gamma on a verry small computer, Gamma opens, but I get this error

vvvv beta , dx9, and renders, runs quite well… I did install latest gamma and latest betta with all the correct dependencies
Not sure if emplace this old computer, or if there is anything extra that I can try ( software side ).

I also try to compile the app and run it on my pc, the app logic works, but I do not gey any skia render, its all white

does dx11 work with beta? I am asking since your cpu is from 2010ish, and 2009 AMD presented worlds first DX11 gpu.j

Have you checked for updates? I think my latter panda did this until I updated the intel driver

schlonzo I did not try DX11… I will give it a try, dx9 worked out just fine ( just opened camera example, it was runing a 60fps )

catweasel its a fresh windows install, all updates up to date, and I did try to download beta in order to have all net framework dependencies

seems to be a too old cpu ?

It’s likely video card, the error VL.Skia.Egl.EglContext is something most relevant to a graphics context if you google you can find stuff as this: tools/gpu/gl/egl/CreatePlatformGLTestContext_egl.cpp - skia - Git at Google

witch seems an opengl related

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