Compiling Template pluging Missing pins

Hello guys , i was trying to learn C# plugings once again ;D and got 2 problems before start .

I clone the texture template and wanted to use Sharp develop 3.2 when i open and compiled the template project it creates the subfolder debug in the bin folder and there i looked for the dll when i drag to vvvv it is red and missing the Texture out pin also red with other templates maybe wrong folder wrong dll ? , what is wrong ? btw how do you create the texture out pin it seems to be automatic as i did not see in the code.

i want to benefit from dinamics but want to learn some staff with external compilers first .

also i was trying to add some usings but i get red underline in:
using System.Linq;
using System.Windows.Media.Imaging;
using System.Windows.Data;
using System.Windows.Controls;
how to load those i know about project manager node but what externals are needed ?

can somone pass me a texture template that works in sharpdevelop 3.2 ?


First of all add VVVV45 to your Enviroment Variables . Then with Sharp Develop 4 - duplicate template in VVVV, then open .csproj file in SharpDevelop. Press build button - you will get compiled dll in Debug folder. Try to drag&drop compiled dll to VVVV - all must work fine.

For usings - add missing references to your project. In SD4 - right click on References folder -> GAC tab -> select needed references.