Compiling and using a FreeFrame plugin in Visual Studio

Is there anything special I need to do when compiling a FreeFrame plugin in Visual Studio 2010? I’ve got my plugin (which is just the DetectObject plugin with the name changed, both the filename and name reported by getInfo) compiled to HeadTracker.dll and I’ve placed it in the “freeframe” directory but it doesn’t show up in the list of nodes I can create. I also tried drag-dropping the .dll into VVVV as suggested in the “Writing Freeframe Plugins” tutorial but it just shows up as IOBox (string) with the full path to the file as the data.

Any ideas what I should look into to get this working?



not under visual, but heard about something using visual 2008 / 2005 rather than 2010

It turns out the main function was exporting as “_plugMain” rather than “plugMain”. Fixed using a .def file with:

plugMain = _plugMain@12 @2
plugMain@12 = _plugMain@12 @1

and just to clarify: dropping freeframes on beta25.1 is broken. fixed for betas>25.1

Are any versions > beta 25.1 available for download right now? Because drag-dropping freeframe plugins would be useful

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