Comparing ways to count


my recent patch involves counting up a number of images to be displayed – think of a kind of slide show. i have found two ways to do the counting part of it (see attached patch or screenshot), approach #1 is adapted from the slide show module shipping with vvvv and approach #2 is what i built in a more simple manner.

mind you, there’s got to be a a reason why someone (david i think) chose a slightly more complex way to do it.


timed_counters_2010.06.29-21.07.54.jpg (25.5 kB)
timed_counters.v4p (8.2 kB)

go for the Counter, it will not get out of time.

i guess whoever implemented the other aproach just had another idea and persued it and went on to more important parts of the patch…

Yeh, go with counter, framedelayed feedback loops should never be a first choice.

I think who ever made the Slideshow patch (in girlpower) didn’t realize he/she was making a counter node.

thx mates! i assumed that the counter node might have some kind of performance or long time issue that has been avoided by using approach #1. once again, simple things rule ;)