Comparing old with present key press

hello everyone.

i am on to something, but right now a little bit stuck:

i used to store an old keyboard press in a variable while accessing the present one at the same time… i want to compare both key press actions.

the keyboard activity in updating both variables. i was thinking that if the present on updates a little bit slower than the older one, the older variable can fetch the content of the present variable before the present variable changes.

the isn’t doing it for me … i don’t seem to search the forum with the right keywords… ^^ does anyone have a suggestion?


There are 2 interesting nodes for this, a S+H (String) and a Queue (String). I patched an example for the Queue, hope I understood the question a bit.

Next time show us an example how you ‘stored’ te values, so we can help you better.

KeyCompare.v4p (7.8 kB)

you got me exactly right! :D thank you, you made my day!

i was trying around with the Queue node previously too, but had not quite grasped how to access the queuing entries.
i see now that it is as easy as GetSlice ^^#

i will try to be more bald and attach my silly patches next time.