Community Core Vision(CCV) 1.3 is sending TUIO data UDP to vvvv, but TUIODecoder(Network 1.0) node seems not to work

Hi vvvv,
I’m trying CCV 1.3 getting binary camera image.
CCV can send TUIO data by 3333).

I’m using patch by receiver part of “TUIOEncoder (help).v4p” from

vvvv seems to receive some data.
but TUIODecoder node color is changed to red blinking.

Could you comment me what is problem?

TUIOEncoder (help).v4p (26.5 kB)

i remember there was a problem with the chinese version of windows and the tuio decoder. but as far as i know it should be fixed in recent v4 versions…

please view the UDP (Network Server String) with an inspektor and set its Encoding to windows-1252 (which is what the TUIODecoder uses internally).

please report if that works for you.

same problem of sansui, I set Encoding to windows-1252, but nothing changed.

hmkay. please try again with ‘us-ascii’ we may have changed that once more in the meantime…

i had the same issues on a chinese windows recently. changing the encoding on the node didnt really help. but change the system wide language in control panel to english made the tuio node work!

thanks for replies! I just solved that problem changing the calibration file in ccv as suggested in this thread