Commandline parameter?


I am starting to attempt boygrouping and I fear that I am missing something basic: How do I start vvvv with the /server or /client commandline parameter? I don’t understand where I type it in


You can write the parameters in a text file named args.txt that you place in the same folder as vvvv.exe.


wow! fast response!
so i made the text file; now what do i do with it?

oh I see now-- it’s automatic. thank you!

Cool- you got it I take it. There is a good reference page here:
commandline parameters

i guess i’m halfway there- i can create a server but not a client- i typed /client into the args.txt file then opened vvvv, and nothing happens besides opening a normal blank patch. Did i miss something?
i put the ip address in brackets

you shouldn’t do anything but start vvvv with the appropriate command line parameters on the client.

you basically patch on the server and everything appear as if by magic on the client.

read here: boygrouping basics