Combining video (.mp4) and webcam?

Hi there,

I’m an absolute novice in vvvv so must ask for some help.
for an art project, i need to combine a video (mp4 file) that lasts 12 mins and runs in loop with occasional live feed from a webcam(either random or at given intervals) ex. every 5 mins of the video it would be switched to live feed from webcam that lasts for 10 sec. and then switches back to the video and so on.

it will all be projected on a screen and it should be a continuous projection, in other words, seamless switch between the feeds.

so it would look like:

video (5min) / switch / webcam (10sec) / switch / video (5min) / switch / …

if anybody knows of a hopefully simple way to achieve this, it would be much appreciated.

thanks in advance,

Quick patch, you can probably spice it up some more.

VideoLoopSwitcher.v4p (15.9 kB)