Combining meshes

I am trying to combine different meshes into one and I can easily accomplish it summing all the vertices, normals and indices with cons but then of course all the meshes are connected to each other. Is there a way to input a single mesh in a shader, that is made up of independent objects?


Ok got it, take the spread count of the first object’ s vertices, divide it by 3 and add that value to the vertices values (not spread count) of the second object.
Now next task is trying to apply transformations to the vertex buffer.

patch added

mesh_combine.v4p (18.3 kB)

Try to replace your + signs with the magic ApplyTransform (Transform) node, so you can apply the same transformation on all the vertices.

Not sure how to spread this though…

mesh_combine-2.v4p (20.1 kB)

Ok, sure I am going to tattoo “apply transform” on my forearm…

a plugin called Cons (Mesh) would be nice…

For some reason if I swap or change the meshes going into the two inputs of west’s example the meshes don’t change properly. Is this working for other people?

Actually, it’s only happened now I’ve copied the contents of that patch into another one.