Combining many shapes into one

I am attempting to make various sea creatures using primitives and their transformations. While looking at ‘not human skin’ in ‘+ Bones’ in girlpower I notice that some shapes disappear beautifully behind other ones depending on their position to the camera. My shapes (see example) do not. I would love for the tentacles that are covered by the body to disappear behind the body. I don’t understand what I’m doing that’s different from the girlpower example. Any ideas?

seacreature.v4p (21.5 kB)

Hey htone,

check your render settings with Inspektor (select renderer -> CTRL+i).
and set the depthbuffer to something besides NONE.

I cleaned up your patch a little and added some colors.

Good luck with your other yellies!

seacreature_yeah.v4p (25.6 kB)

wow…that’s beautiful. thanks for your help!!!

Glad I could help. Just noticed that the blend node doesn’t look good from some perspectives - try removing it. Also check out the latest contribution: mre-multipass-render-engine
You should be able to create a nice looking underwater atmosphere with it.