CombineLatestImages prevents from using Azure Kinect's depth stream only

Hello there,

I’m doing tests with a fiber extender for the Azure Kinect. The manufacturer recommends to disable the Color stream to get a better framerate. This is fine here since I don’t need it.

Thing is, if you set the Color Resolution to Off on the AzureKinect node, it stops outputting Images.
After investigating, it turns out CombineLatestImages seems to be the culprit here because, if I get it right, it will always outputs a Capture that must always have the last Color and Depth it received.

And indeed, removing it from the AzureKinect node works : I can now disable the Color and still receive the Depth with DepthImage (getting the Depth stream @15fps over a 70m fiber!)

Is there any chance this could be tweaked so that we’re able to only use the Depth stream?



I remember it took us quite a while to get this right. But I agree it should be possible to receive one of the streams only as well. We currently just don’t have access to a device. Also the reason why the other thread about the point cloud is a little bit on hold.

Can the CombineLatestImages maybe be put further downstream? From the looks of it it’s just an operator which could be placed in the pipeline where it’s needed. I probably put it rather high up in order to avoid the issue to deal with captures where either the color, the depth or the IR is missing. But apparently that was not a good design decision.

Thanks for the feedback. I don’t have access to a device either these days, but I’ll try further soon as I can.

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